Offers for Parents

We would love for local businesses and service providers to offer local mums a discount or offer by mentioning Mumbler.

If you would like to arrange a discount for your business or service to offer local mums please contact us here

10% OFF at Arrow Fresh

Arrow Fresh is a relatively new online delivery company that sells local Yorkshire produce, including groceries and hampers.

They deliver to Hull and the surrounding area (their website will tell you which days of the week deliveries to our area are) and they offer free delivery to local orders over £25.

They have kindly given Mumbler an offer code for 10% off everything across their site. Simply enter MUMBLER10 at the checkout stage. Find their website here.

20% Off at Bluestar Boutique!!

Bluestar Boutique is a new fashion destination from local East Yorkshire Mum Clare. Read all about her fabulous, unique clothes and get 20% off with Mumbler…….


Bluestar Boutique is a new Independent online fashion destination run by myself.  I am a busy Mum of three and always on the look out for clothes that fit in with my hectic lifestyle, as well as not being left behind in the style stakes.  As we all know having children brings it’s own challenges and sometime Mummies, clothes, fashion and style get left behind. 

Our hand selected clothes focus on easy wearing, comfort and effortless fashion.  Quirky slogan T-shirts, stylish hoodies and bold prints.  I try everything before it goes on line so I can relay to you the fit and the feel and how I would wear it.

Our Bluestar Original Cross Neck Hoodies are our bestseller to date.  They are soft, long enough in the body to cover the Mum Tum and the cross neck adds a touch of style.  Whether it’s the school run, dog walks or simply lounging at home, they are so useful.  They are currently available in Charcoal, Nude and Baby Pink and just £38.99.


Get 20% OFF with Mumbler!! Simply enter code MUMBLER20 to receive the discount.


Checkout the website Follow us on facebook here or share your photos on our Instagram page @bluestarboutiquesales


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NEW Rumble Snacks – 100% Natural Snack for Children

Rumble Snacks is a new, 100% natural snack choice for children, the ideal alternative to sweets.

Our flavoured raisins and cranberries are delivered directly to your front door in a range of tasty flavours; Apple, Blackcurrant, Lime, Orange & Raspberry. All our flavours and can be purchased in either one flavour or, for those who can’t decide, a mixed selection in boxes of 10 or 20 through our website

A well as being good for children (and grown-ups!) they are also good for the environment – they come in compostable food bags and arrive in a recycled cardboard box that can be posted through your door.

Their convenient size makes them perfect for lunchboxes, snack times, handbags or even the office drawer thus ensuring you have an easy and healthy way to keep fueled throughout the day.  For more information or to enquire please visit our website or contact us at


They kindly sent Mumbler a box to try and I thought they were fantastic! I am conscious of what my children eat and I do try to give them healthy snacks, especially when we go out and about and I need to pop something in my rucksack. We get through a lot of the packets of fruity flakes, yogurt raisins etc. so I knew my children would like these. I really liked the environmental side too; the usual fruit flakes come in individual plastic packets, with a [ack of 6 of these then in another larger plastic bag, none of which is recyclable. The Rumble Snacks came in a compostable bag so these have been going straight into my brown bin. The packets then come in a box made from recycled cardboard, and that went into my blue recycling bin after we’d taken the snack packs out. The snacks tasted great; we got a mix box and my favorite was lime, my children liked raspberry and blackcurrant. The orange flavour tasted like Christmas! All packs contain raisins and cranberries but the natural flavours add a nice twist.


The company has been started by business partners Tom Farrow and Leon Shillito, who have worked with children and young adults in local schools, gyms and clubs for over 11 years through our sports coaching company, Fit4Fun. During that time we have witnessed an ever changing landscape in children’s snacking habits with sweets and chocolate becoming ever more prevalent in modern diets. What started out as a discussion 12-18 months ago has now turned into a reality and we are proud and excited to be up and running with this new venture. Rumble is proud to have received a great rating from the food hygiene agency as well as a fantastic report from trading standards but our commitment to sustainable packing has ultimately ensured we are doing our little bit for the environment as well. Taking steps towards making better life choices has always been a fundamental goal of ours and we will continue to strive towards helping children achieve a good balance between sport, positive nutritional choices and environmental sustainability.


NOW WITH 25% OFF ON MUMBLER!! Simply enter code MUMBLER/HULL at checkout on their website to receive the discount!!


To order Rumble Snacks for your family visit the website or email You can also follow them on facebook here.


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Looking after our furry babies! Mumbler reviews raw dog food from Bella & Duke

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Our friends over at Harrogate Mumbler have a gorgeous dog, Elsa. Here at Hull Mumbler I feel like the only person who didn’t get a dog in lockdown (despite the kids nagging me for one!) so, as this is an article all about dog food, the Harrogate Mumbler team have kindly done this review…….


As our regular readers will know, we often get asked to try out products for our kids, this time though, I get to introduce our “furry daughter” AKA the Mumbler mutt, Elsa (Yes, we got her in the height of the Disney Frozen craze in 2015 and my daughters were adamant that she was an Elsa!)

Elsa is a 5 year old Golden Doodle, she is big, a bit daft & completely wonderful. She is one of the family and so I was delighted when Bella & Duke asked us if we’d like to try out their raw dog food & tell you all about it.

So, why raw dog food?

Previously I have been feeding Elsa on a combo of complete biscuit mixed with a tinned meat. I add in the meat because, quite frankly, she’s not keen on the dry food alone. Having experienced a change in dog food previously (and learnt from my mistakes!) I’ve been adding in the Bella & Duke raw food gradually over the past few days. So far so good. Elsa absolutely LOVES it and she has digested it brilliantly. There is not a scrap left in her bowl after feeding (unlike when I give her the dry food- which can often get left for hours) Apologies if this is TMI, but the food has made a massive improvement to my “pooper scooping” as well! After eating Bella & Duke for a few days, Elsa has gone from doing multiple messy no2’s each day, to a single, firm, easy-to-bag-up-and-get-rid-of poo! (sorry, I know… gross!)

How does it work? 

Bella & Duke raw dog food comes by post in a large box. It is completely frozen and so you pop it straight in the freezer then defrost it portion by portion overnight in the fridge. As I’m currently adding it gradually, I’m using half a tub per meal. Once defrosted the tubs last for up to 4 days in the fridge (useful if you’ve got a dog smaller than my 38kg beast!) The tubs are stackable and once defrosted, it feels like you’re feeding your dog pate- it’s not huge chunks of raw meat or anything like that,- it’s easy to dish up & the plastic tubs recyclable.

What is the science behind raw dog food? 

Bella & Duke explain more…”Did you know that many behavioural and health issues in dogs arise from the processed food they eat?

  •         Over-excitement or low energy levels from sugar
  •         Itchy skin, weight gain and upset stomachs caused by grains
  •         Serious health issues including pancreatitis and joint issues.

Bella & Duke want to ensure that the nation’s pets are happy and healthy. A natural, species-specific diet is key. Learn more about Raw Dog Food. Their  Raw dog food is a nutritionally-balanced blend of premium ingredients, packed with the vitamins and minerals your dog needs. Our vet approved food does not contain any unnecessary sugars, grains, cheap fillers or preservatives.

What are the Key benefits when switching?

Some of the key benefits our customers see are:

  • Glossier coat
  • Less itchy
  • Their poo will be more compact, well-formed and firmer
  • More enthusiastic at mealtimes
  • Energy levels will be normalised and better balanced
  • Calmer and less reactive

Don’t just take our word for it, what do other pet owners think about Bella & Duke raw dog food? 

I am absolutely blown away by the impact your food has had on my French bulldog. He has had ongoing skin issues and is allergic to almost everything, grass pollen, tree pollen, house dust mites, everything. He has to have monthly injections of cytopoint to control them. Since starting him on the food, this seems to have gone. He hasn’t had an injection now since 7 July and has not scratched once. His ears were also always red and itchy, now they’re smooth and normal colour.he’s so much happier, loves the food and both dogs coats are silky smooth.

How much does it cost? 

The price is tailored for you & is bespoke for your own dog, it’s breed, size & age. For little chihuahua’s its as low as 40p per day, for a spanial it’s around £1.37per day (based on a 12kg delivery) You can find out more using the Feeding Calculator here

Want to try it out?

Bella & Duke are offering a 50% off trial for Mumblers along with a feee treat and free delivery so that you can see for yourself how good this food is and how much of a difference it will make to your dog.

Visit Bella & Duke here to find out more. 

10% OFF at JoJo Maman Bebe

Mumbler have a 10% discount code at Jojo Maman Bebe!! Valid until the end of 2020, instore and online. Simply enter code MUMBLER10 online or show this page on your phone in-store. Our nearest store is Beverley on Toll Gavel, then in York.

Shop on their website here now.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 10% offer is valid with the code MUMBLER10 until 31/12/2020
  2. The discount is valid in store and online.
  3. To redeem your offer in store, present the code at checkout.
  4. To redeem your offer online, enter the code at checkout.
  5. The discount is not valid on sale items, gift cards, multibuys or in conjunction with any other offer.

Build Your Business Training Offers

Want to start your own business but: Not sure where to start? Lacking business confidence? Looking for advice and support? We can help you!

Build Your Business Training run workshops to help you start, grow or improve your business in Hull. They have special offers for Mumbler, details of the next one coming soon.

For more info email or visit their website here.


Free Happy Nappy with Water Babies

water babiesWater Babies provide baby and toddler swimming classes at Winifred Holtby in Hull, Holiday Inn Hull Marina and at Total Fitness in Willerby. For more info visit their website here.

They are running a great offer to get a free Happy Nappy, a leak proof over-nappy for swimming worth £10.50, when you book classes with them.

Simply quote MumblerHull when booking onto a Water Babies class to receive yours free.

PQA Beverley & PQA Hull

Classes restarted September 

PQA is a weekend performing arts Academy providing tuition for children and young people from 4-18 years. Students spend three hours with us, rotating through hour-long sessions in Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre and Film & Television. Students are split into groups according to their age with tailored classes and expert performing arts teachers. Poppets class for 4-5 year olds are shorter and last 90 minutes.

We provide a space for children and young people to express themselves, build confidence and, most importantly, have fun! The PQA model was created by Pauline Quirke and her dedicated team of performing arts specialists. With Academies across the UK, our inspirational Principals and teachers work tirelessly to ensure every student receives unrivalled support and amazing opportunities. This results in Academies that deliver the highest educational values possible, with industry standard teaching and continuous opportunities for our students to thrive and flourish.

Our teachers are all professionally trained in their respective fields and have experience in leading arts education, performing professionally and directing films and TV shows. They have been carefully chosen for their passion to inspire and motivate so that our students can achieve their very best!

Classes are held every Saturday for the Beverley and the Hull PQA Academies at Hull Collegiate School, Tranby Croft Anlaby East Yorkshire HU10 7EH:

  • Beverley academy:  9.45am – 1.00pm (9.45am – 11.30am for Poppets)
  • Hull academy: 1.45 – 5.00pm (1.45 – 3.30pm for Poppets)

For more information please call James on 0800 5316282 or email

For 4 free weeks at PQA simply visit our website and request your FREE info pack today. In the ‘Other Information’ section of your enquiry enter the following code: PQAMumbler and we will be in touch.