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Introduction to Self–defence for Parents and Children

January 26

11am to 1pm, Beverley.

Who needs to know self–defence?

Are your children now walking to school and back by themselves? Are they starting to go out with their friends without direct adult supervision? Are you concerned that your child will go places which are not completely safe and meet people who may behave badly? It is called growing up and you know it has to happen one day.

Would you like to be sure that your child knows the principles of personal safety? Would you like to learn with your child so that you know what they were taught? Then you can remind your child of the lessons they learned and help them practice the essential skills they learned. Maybe you would like to know a bit more about self–protection for yourself?

So, what is self–defence?

The important thing to remember about self-defence is that, if you get to the situation where you are sorting the problem out by hitting someone, then something has gone seriously wrong. All that most people need for self-defence are four simple things:

  • Being aware of who and what is around them.
  • Knowing how to judge a safe distance from a potential threat.
  • Creating, or finding, safe environments for rest and sleep.
  • Being willing to take appropriate action to escape from a threat, should it be necessary.

Graham has been teaching martial arts and self–defence for over 25 years, mainly from a Stav perspective. Graham is also a Geoff Thompson trained Level 2 Self Protection instructor, registered and insured with the British Combat Association.

Introduction to Practical Self–defence

This seminar will cover the four principles of Peacock Kung Fu as listed above. We will do some role play to practice developing awareness. There will be training in how to judge distancing and the use of five postures in order to manage distance if an antagonist is attempting to close on you. You will learn one simple posture which can be used to neutralise common attacks.

We will also explore breaking away from a dangerous situation and how to push someone out of your space. We will also look at what to do if you find yourself on the floor during a confrontation, not a good place to be, but there are effective ways to respond.

Training for parents and children. Places available for 4 adults with up to 2 children each. Minimum child age 9 years, maximum 14 years. Cost per family group £15. Details and booking –  http://www.beverleystav.uk/sd260118am.html


January 26